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MIDFIX is the UK’s first stockist of Rockwool pipe support blocks

Fred Pearse
Fred Pearse

Key Account Manager

Rockwool’s recent introduction of their insulated pipe support blocks is the culmination of extensive product development and adds a completely new dimension to the pipe support market. 

Insulated pipe supports are designed to support the compressive loads of pipework and limit thermal bridging and heat loss or gain to the pipework through the pipe support brackets.  

Where can Rockwool Pipe Support Blocks be found?  

They are typically used in LTHW and CHW pipework systems with a wide range of pipe types. 

How are Rockwool Pipe Support Blocks manufactured? 

Rockwool pipe support blocks are manufactured from high-density stone wool giving key advantages which make them a welcome addition to the existing phenolic and wood products in the market. 

What are the key benefits of Rockwool Pipe Support Blocks? 

  • Superior fire classification - manufactured from stone wool which is a non-combustible product  
  • High density with high load-bearing capacity 
  • Suitable for pipework operating temperatures up to 250°C 
  • Integrate with mineral wool pipe insulation to form an effective pipework insulation system with thermal, fire and acoustic benefits 
  • Foiled face for vapour control 
  • Robust product well suited for handling on-site 

Are Rockwool Pipe Support Blocks easy to use? 

Yes, Rockwool pipe supports come pre-cut in a wide range of pipe sizes and insulation thicknesses ready to install on the pipe. The aluminium foil outer has a self-adhesive closure strip and provides a continuous vapour barrier when taped to the adjoining insulation.  

What are the typical applications for Rockwool Pipe Supports? 

Rockwool blocks can be used as an alternative to phenolic and wood products and are ideally compatible with mineral wool pipe insulation. 

Are Rockwool Pipe Support Blocks readily available? 

MIDFIX have recognised that Rockwool pipe supports will become the product of choice for many projects and as a leading supplier to the M&E industries are the first company to make a significant stock investment in this new product. 

In this fast-paced industry, stock availability continues to be a defining factor in keeping projects moving. One impact of Covid has been the trend for suppliers to de-stock and conserve cash and this has adversely impacted product availability. MIDFIX continues to invest heavily in stock and give industry-leading service. 

What sizes do MIDFIX offer? 

MIDFIX provide a wide range of Rockwool pipe supports in all standard copper and steel pipe sizes. For copper, we offer 15mm to 108mm and for steel 3/8” to 6 available for next day delivery. 

How can I order Rockwool Pipe Supports? 

Simply call our expert customer service team who will be happy to support you in the product you require: 0115 922 1585 or email us: sales@midfix.co.uk. Discover the complete range of sizes here. 

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