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Our customer service team has grown!

Paul Brough
Paul Brough

Operations Manager

Say hello to Matej 👋

Matej is a very enthusiastic member of our team, having played semi-professional football in Croatia and a big fan of Dinamo Zagreb he moved to England to study Business Management at university. The dedication he brought onto the pitch has been transferred to his enthusiasm for life at MIDFIX.

Starting in the Warehouse Team he has steadily built-up a robust understanding of how the business operates, getting to grips with our products and becoming an integral member of the business.

He has now successfully landed a role within our expanding customer service team where he will be processing orders and speaking to customers on a day-to-day basis.

He has offered advice for anyone wishing to carve a career in customer services.

🗣 “Learn as much as you can about the business and products, interact with customers when you can and when opportunity comes along, grab it with both hands”.

Welcome to the customer service team Matej!

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