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Cable Changes at a Glance

Ian Tennent
Ian Tennent

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MIDFIX looks at some significant changes to the way cables are fixed when the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations comes into effect from January 2019.

The 18th Edition has addressed the number of fatal and fire-related incidents where people have been trapped by falling cables. Under the new legislation, electrical cables must be adequately supported to prevent premature collapse in the event of a fire, throughout the entire installation, not only in escape routes as in the previous edition.
The new regulation precludes the use of non-metallic cable clips and cable ties as the sole means of support where cables are clipped to exposed surfaces and likewise, non-metallic cable containment where this is the sole means of support. To meet the requirements of the new legislation, you will need to use suitably spaced metallic clip supports, saddles or ties.

At MIDFIX, we have introduced our 18th Edition cable fixings range to enable electrical contractors and electricians to comply with the regulations. Our range consists of a number of existing cable fixings, all of which meet the requirements of the regulation.

Our new range of economically priced steel cable ties are available in three popular sizes. Metal ties currently available are largely grade 316 (A4) stainless steel making them an expensive product for normal electrical installations. Our roller-ball locking cable ties perform in exactly the same way, have the same strength, and can be used internally and externally in all normal environments.

To achieve adequate tensioning on metal cable ties, we recommend that you use a tensioning tool. A tensioning tool applies much greater tension than by hand and neatly cuts-off any surplus tie.

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