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Construction Certainty for Fixings

Adrian Fowler
Adrian Fowler

Managing Director

Back in 2015, the NCE conducted a survey to establish the levels of knowledge about selecting and installing fixings on construction sites; alarmingly, most engineers and contractors consider fixings to be safety critical [84%], but, most were not confident that they were properly installed on site [55%]. This survey at the time made the industry take notice. Many high-profile projects failed and resulted in fatalities such as Japan’s Sasago tunnel in 2012 due to incorrect anchor installation. As an industry, we had to do better.

So, how confident are you that you are using the right fixings and anchors on your construction site?

Using the correct fixings on-site is now possible with our fixings specification board. Adrian Fowler, MD at MIDFIX explains; “This board was developed principally to support our customers and sub-contractors in selecting the correct and tested fixings for their sites. To ensure consistency and traceability, the board contains physical samples together with relevant supporting data.

Research shows that 65% of people are visual learners, and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual so this board is an excellent way to show people what to use to ensure best fixings practice."

Our fixings meet the European Technical Assessment (ETA) standard, they have been independently assessed and tested in a wide range of site conditions.

MIDFIX is also working with the Construction Fixings Association (CFA) to host a series of fixings and anchor training events to certify senior site managers.  Our fixing specification boards are bespoke and can be made depending on your own site requirements.

Do you think this will be beneficial on your construction site? Get in touch today.

Topics: BS 8539, ETA, Compliance