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Don't get Dust-Busted with MIDFIX's Heller Duster Drills

Scott Humphris
Scott Humphris

Marketing Manager

Here at MIDFIX, product safety and innovation go hand in hand which is why we only provide products that meet the highest technical and safety standards every time, such as the Heller Duster Drill.

Safety inspectors from HSE are carrying out random spot checks on contractors at construction sites as part of their ‘Dustbuster’ campaign, the initiative is designed to ensure construction site workers are following the correct procedures to minimise any lasting damage to their health.

What are the health concerns?

As highlighted by the Construction Enquirer publication construction workers are often at a higher risk of developing or dying from respiratory diseases due to their day to day working environment, it is therefore imperative that exposure to dust is kept to minimal.

How can MIDFIX minimise construction workers risks?

MIDFIX have been the trusted partner to the mechanical, electrical and building services sector for over 45 years, supplying a wide range of innovative onsite and offsite supports that enable the customer to complete their job/project in the most efficient and safest way possible.

As well as ensuring that all workers are wearing suitable masks, protective clothing and have been trained to recognise the dangers of their environment it is also important they have the right tools to help eradicate the risk to their health.

At MIDFIX we understand that workers need to be protected from dust which is why we are the proud supplier of Heller Duster Drills.

Heller Duster Drills, how can they help?

Heller Duster drills are designed to meet HSE requirements controlling construction dust. The dust is extracted straight from the cutting head using the right attached ‘M Class’ vacuum. The two products not only remove the dust from entering the air but it also optimises the life of the drill bit in comparison to a standard SDS drill bit.

Above you can see a how much longer a traditional drill takes in comparison to our Heller Duster drills.

What are the key benefits of the Heller Duster Drill?

  1. Dust is removed at source and the air remains 99% dust-free, removing the need in most cases for dust masks
  2. Hole drilling is faster and more accurate
  3. No need to clean the hole
  4. Drill bits last longer (and quite likely the batteries on the drills)
  5. Meets the HSE requirements

The video below provides a clear indication of the Heller Duster Drill compares to a standard drill.

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Find the product here or If you would like to order the Heller Duster Drill or drill bits today then call our expert team on 0115 922 158 or simply email sales@midfix.co.uk.


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