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February 7, 2024

Introducing MX-R Access StepUp – A Low Clearance-Height Rooftop Access Platform

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In a move to meet the diverse needs of our customers, we are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our product lineup – MX-R Access Low Level.

The MX-R Access Low Level range is an addition to our already well-established MX-R Access rooftop access platform, boasting a stripped-back design that focuses on delivering a cost-effective solution for smaller access requirements, without compromising on quality. The range includes the StepUp Unit- which is what this article highlights - as well as the HopOver unit.

In this article, we will delve into the features and advantages that make MX-R Access StepUp a standout choice, exploring how its “bespoke off-the-shelf” concept, ease of assembly, and commitment to industry standards position it as a game-changer in the realm of access solutions.

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What is MX-R Access StepUp?

By now, you should be familiar with MX-R Access —our MX channel-based modular rooftop access platform.

Engineered as a bespoke and adjustable solution, MX-R Access is designed to give your site team safe and easy access to vital rooftop services like AC units, ductwork, and pipework, all while ensuring adherence to industry standards.

This was designed to combat the traditional practice of using makeshift steps like wooden pallets to navigate rooftop maintenance access. Instead, the MX-R Access was designed in adherence with the safety and compliance standards set by the BS EN ISO 14122, the British Standard for stepovers and walkways.

However, when you don't have a lot of pipework or monumental obstacles to cross over, there is a more optimised and cost-effective alternative to MX-R Access for you. This is where MX-R Access Low Level StepUp comes in! 

Like MX-R Access, MX-R Access StepUp is an MX channel-based modular stepover, but exclusively for low clearance heights. It forms a bridge over low-level obstacles, allowing site teams to safely traverse them without the risk of trips and stumbles.

Rest assured, while it may be more compact than its counterpart, MX-R Access, but it incorporates the same advantageous features that have solidified MX-R Access as an industry staple.

So, what precisely are these advantages? Let’s delve into them in the following section below.

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What are the advantages of MX-R Access StepUp?

Crafted with precision and innovation, the MX-R Access StepUp inherits the acclaimed advantages of its larger counterpart, MX-R Access, while catering specifically to low-level access requirements.

Here is a list of all the advantages that make MX-R Access StepUp not too different from its partner, MX-R Access.

Standard-Compliant with BS EN ISO 14122

As mentioned above, there is a great need in the construction industry for safe maintenance access on construction sites rather than makeshift solutions, to avoid workplace accidents and injuries.

This is why we ensured that MX-R Access StepUp designed keeping safety and compliance in mind and is designed in accordance with the safety standards set by the BS EN ISO 14122.

The BS 14122 sets specific requirements for the stability and load capacity of access platforms and walkways.

Here are some that MX-R Access StepUp is specifically designed to meet:

  • It has been tested against a 1.5kN of force (152.96kg) load bearing capacity, and therefore, comes with reliable test data to evidence this.
  • It has rubber feet that spread the load out evenly without penetrating the roof membrane
  • All metalwork comes with a hot dip galvanized finish to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  • The width is kept to a standard of 800mm.
  • It utilises 38mm, non-slip GRP grating as standard.

Bespoke Off-the-shelf

The MX-R Access StepUp is versatile and can be customized to meet various low-level access requirements.

However, it does so by only using off-the-shelf components in interchangeable configurations along with standard MX channel profiles to ensure that any job can be designed without the need for bespoke parts.

This allows MX- R Access StepUp to be designed to your access requirements quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing fast delivery and installation.

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Alongside its bespoke off-the-shelf designs, MX-R Access StepUp also comes with legs that are height adjustable up to 50mm.

Fast Installation

The MX-R Access StepUp system is also delivered in manageable sections for easy transportation and lifting. Once the product reaches your site, the sections can be quickly re-connected by following assembly instructions. If desired, the complete unit can be supplied in component form for assembly on site.


While MX-R Access is already budget-friendly, the newly optimized design of MX-R StepUp takes affordability to a new level, presenting a more cost-effective solution for low-level access needs.

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What are the key differences between MX-R Access StepUp and MX-R Access?

If you have already read our article covering MX-R Access, you may observe certain similarities between MX-R Access and its counterpart, MX-R Access StepUp. However, upon closer examination, subtle distinctions become apparent.

This is intentional, as MX-R Access StepUp was meticulously crafted to serve as a more streamlined, optimized, and cost-effective iteration of MX-R Access.

It is essential to note that these variances do not compromise the safety, compliance, or efficiency of MX-R Access StepUp; instead, they ensure you receive precisely what is required to fulfil your low-level access needs.

For clarification, here are some of the distinctions between the two.


By now, you have observed that MX-R Access StepUp is specifically engineered for site teams navigating low-level pipework. As implied by its name, this variant represents a shorter access platform when compared to MX-R Access.

The table below elaborates on the changes in dimensions:



MX-R Access Low Level - StepUp Unit

MX-R Access

Platform height

400mm – 450mm

Minimum 590mm

Clearance height

321mm – 371mm

Minimum 470mm






Essentially, if the services beneath the platform extend taller than approximately 360mm, opting for MX-R Access is the ideal choice. Conversely, if the services are shorter than 360mm, MX-R Access StepUp emerges as a more cost-effective alternative.

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The disparity in height between MX-R Access and MX-R Access StepUp is addressed through a modification in the latter's design, featuring height-adjustable legs up to 50mm instead of the 100mm found in the former.

MX-R Access Low Level.473


As previously mentioned, both MX-R Access and MX-R Access StepUp are meticulously designed to comply with the safety standards outlined in BS EN ISO 14122, ensuring the well-being of your site team.

According to BS EN ISO 14122, when an access platform exceeds 500mm above ground, there is an increased risk of workers falling from elevated positions, leading to potential injuries. In response, MX-R Access incorporates essential safety features such as handrails, kick plates, and a heavy-duty stringer.

Given that MX-R Access StepUp operates below the 500mm threshold, the design has been optimized to negate the requirement for handrails, kick plates, and a stringer, as the risk of fatalities from falling at this height is eliminated.

It is important to note that this does not remove the option to customize MX-R Access StepUp with handrails; they can always be added as an optional feature to enhance the stability and security of workers on-site.

Faster Delivery and Installation

The streamlined design of MX-R Access StepUp has significantly reduced lead times, enabling a faster design and delivery process compared to MX-R Access.

Moreover, the compact structure of MX-R Access StepUp facilitates efficient assembly, with the convenience of being a one-person task. For added convenience, it can also be delivered pre-assembled directly to the onsite location.


The introduction of MX-R Access StepUp is primarily driven by the goal of enhancing design efficiency for low-level access needs, leading to savings in time, energy, materials, and costs. Consequently, MX-R Access StepUp emerges as a more budget-friendly alternative to MX-R Access, retaining all the advantageous features that have established MX-R Access as an industry essential.

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In conclusion, the unveiling of MX-R Access StepUp represents a significant leap forward in optimizing rooftop access solutions for low-level requirements. By seamlessly inheriting the proven advantages of MX-R Access, this compact platform emerges as a cost-effective and efficient alternative without compromising on quality. The thorough exploration of MX-R Access StepUp's benefits, including its standard compliance, bespoke off-the-shelf design, adjustability, fast installation, and affordability, underscores its ability to meeting diverse low-level access needs. Distinctive differentiators from MX-R Access, such as adjusted dimensions, enhanced adjustability, tailored standard-compliance, expedited delivery, and heightened affordability, emphasize its targeted efficiency. MX-R Access StepUp stands as a testament to our commitment to providing innovative, adaptable, and budget-friendly access solutions tailored to the evolving demands of our customers.