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Why building services contractors are turning to MIDFIX for bracket design

Matthew Davies
Matthew Davies

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MIDFIX has a specialist design and engineering team that continue to adapt to new technologies to ensure we meet our customer requirements everytime. With a ‘Right First Time’ approach, we avoid multiple revisions, meaning our quality assurance exceeds industry standards. For every project our integrated design and engineering team aim to achieve two key objectives.

  1. To avoid multiple design/product revisions by taking a ‘Right First Time’ approach across every project from engineering through to precise pre-fabrication.
  2. To work with the customer every step of the way to ensure our bracketry solutions meet their requirements

In this blog, we discuss why our integral design and engineering team is becoming the go-to choice for bracket design.

MIDFIX processes and capabilities
Since the inception of our design and engineering team back in 2014 we have worked with the latest software, streamlined processes, and employed qualified structural & mechanical engineers to become the trusted design and engineering team for landmark construction projects.

What processes do MIDFIX employ?
An essential process that is fundamental to our design team’s work is BIM (Building Information Modelling)

What is BIM?
According to ISO 19650:2019, BIM can be described as the “use of shared digital representation of a built asset to facilitate design, construction and operation processes to form a reliable basis for decisions”.

MIDFIX utilise BIM to manage multiple streams of information from all of the stakeholders involved in construction projects. (PICTURE HERE)

For example, the main principle contractor would have all of the building models and information supplied to them by the multiple mechanical and electrical contractors that are working on a particular project. This, would then, allow any of the subcontractors to view project deadlines, timelines, and deliveries on-site.

How does BIM benefit the contractor?
Before BIM became an integral part of the architecture and building design landscape, each subcontractor working on a construction site did not have the means of effectively communicating with different subcontractors which would lead to delays in construction projects.

Utilising BIM is a necessity for a contractor as it means it speeds the design process up and improves the efficiencies of building whilst on-site.

How have MIDFIX utilised BIM effectively?

For MIDFIX BIM played a pivotal role in designing and manufacturing over 50 structural frames for a global pharmaceutical HQ. For this project our design processes were inline with BIM Stage 2. Our specialist design team undertook multiple site visits and used a Navisworks model for BIM collaboration to enable us to produce a design in fitting with the building. With 4-5 metre of ducting around the roof, utilising BIM meant we didn’t clash with any other services when the installation teams went on-site.

What can MIDFIX offer building services contractors for bracket design?

Our design and engineering team is unrivalled in what we can offer building contractors services.

We offer the following reports;

  1. Structural analysis reports
  2. Structural calculations for welded and bolted connections
  3. Stress analysis report
  4. Anchor/fixing testing and specification

How does our structural analysis report differ from others within our industry?
Many other companies offer a structural analysis report however, no other has the expertise to verify the resistance of each frame connection and fixing recommendation.

How important is a structural analysis report and what qualifications/accreditations does a team require before they can carry out a structural analysis report?
For an individual to carry out a structural analysis report, they need to have a mechanical and structural engineering degree. What sets MIDFIX apart from others in the industry is that our design team is led by a member of the institute of structural engineers.

Stress analysis report
Our expertise in the design team can carry out a comprehensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) report, this report details the likely change in the object's structure when a load/force is applied to it. For example, for all of our bracketry support frames, we can evaluate material strength, connection resistance, mechanical behaviours etc. in summary we can calculate with certainty how much stress that assembly can take before it breaks.

Anchor/fixing testing and specification report
Our engineering team have all undertaken fixing training with the Construction Fixing Association. Training combined with their own professional experience means the team have a deep understanding of fixings and anchors. Grounded with this expert knowledge and experience of installing and testing fixing anchors, puts them in a good position to recommend a suitable anchor/fixing alongside the correct setting tool. Discover how MIDFIX is leading the way with their anchor/fixings offering, including our own MIDFIX Academy.

What makes the design and engineering team unique at MIDFIX?
MIDFIX are the only UK supplier to the M&E industry that have an integrated design & engineering team led by a member of the institute of structural engineers. Overall, MIDFIX offers expertise and knowledge unlike any other M&E supplier, which enables us to understand the complexities of modern construction and how our bracketry assemblies fit into that.

Right First Time approach
Our integrated design and engineering team offer a design process to precision pre-fabrication and with our 'Right First Time' approach we avoid multiple revisions, therefore our quality assurance exceeds industry standards.


MIDFIX are experts in onsite and offsite supports for the mechanical and electrical industries, delivered through design, engineering, fabrication, and industry training

We are unique in that we are the largest wholesaler combined with in-house engineering to building services contractors that has the capability and capacity to design & fabricate complex mechanical and electrical bracketry supports and to deliver them across the UK from our head office in Nottingham. No need to go to any other supplier.

Other References;

British Standards Institution (2019) BS EN ISO 19650: Organisation and digitisation of information about buildings and civil engineering works, including building information modelling - Information management using building information modelling, London: BSI

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