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Why SIKLA Framo modular steelwork is proving popular

Jake Lyons
Jake Lyons

Technical Sales Manager

Why is SIKLA Framo modular steelwork is becoming a popular choice for contractors?

With ever-increasing demands on contractors delivering projects quickly, cost-effectively, and environmentally friendly it is no wonder contractors are moving towards modular steelwork structures.

What is Framo modular steelwork?

Framo is a non-welded steel-work support system for constructing supports, frames, and load-bearing structures. Framo is used for supporting loads that are beyond the capabilities of strut type channels and would traditionally require off-site fabricated steelwork and heavy steel sections.

Which Sikla Framo products do MIDFIX offer?

Beam Section: clever multi-holed galvanised steel box sections in three sectional sizes that combine lightweight with high torsional strength for making exceptionally rigid structures on site.
Framo bolts: self-forming bolts for making all Framo connections with an Anti-vibration serrated washer head and HCP- High Corrosion Protection Finish
End Caps
End Supports
: various orientations, for attachment of crossbars or making cantilever arms, connecting top rails or creating 45° bearings.
Corner supports: an alternative to the STA F End Support; the central hole allows for the integrated of diagonal cross-bracing allowing more complex structures to be made
Base plates: For floor and wall mounting applications and for Framo connections to structural steels
Roof Support Feet: Heavy duty rubber feet for roof support applications, spreads the load and maintains the integrity of the roof membrane
Cantilever Arms: Heavy duty support arms, load example: 100 x 100mm arm will support a 385kg load at 700mm from the wall
Bracing Arms: for bracing frames and cantilever arms, constructed from 80 x 30 framo section
Channel Adaptor: for connecting 41mm channels to Framo box section
Pivot Joint: for braced connections
Bolted Coupler: internal couplers that maintain the full structural integrity of the Framo section
Beam Section Holder: for fixing Framo section to walls and floors and for cross connections of Framo sections
Beam Clamps: For connecting Framo to steel flanges
Backplates: Heavy duty galvanised 

Why should contractors specify Sikla Framo over traditional steel supports?



Benefits of SIKLA Framo modular steelwork Benefits of SIKLA Framo modular steelwork



Minimal installation time – this is influenced by two key factors, firstly there is no manufacturing such as welding required on-site and secondly; framo modular steelwork is 80% lighter than its heavy steel counterparts resulting in a reduction in installing structures on-site.

Cost-effective – There is no manufacturing or welding required on-site material replacement and labour costs will reduce.

Highly Flexible with unlimited connection points: Secure and adjustable connections can be made to the section at any point and in any direction with thread-forming bolts using an ordinary impact wrench.

Adjustable: Elongated holes in the connecting brackets allow for up to 10mm adjustment at each connection point without needing to move the brackets to the next hole

Inter-connectable: Connects with primary steelwork for securing supports to the building structure and also connects with strut channels for an integrated support solution

Corrosion Protected: Fully hot dip galvanized system with superior corrosion resistance for external use in demanding environments. When cut, the cut ends are protected by cathodic protection.

Where can I find Sikla Framo modular steelwork?

Framo modular steelwork is gradually becoming the product of choice for construction contractors. Sikla Framo can be found across a multitude of applications on landmark buildings across the UK. SIKLA Framo modular steelwork has been specified for:

  • HV cable supports
  • Plant skids (our skilled design engineers can carry out stress calculations, determining how connections will react if they need to be lifted anywhere else)
  • Chemical plants
  • To support high temperature and high-pressure pipework frequently found by energy from waste plants
  • Pipe supports above ground pipework
  • Pipe gantries and bridges

Most recently, Framo modular steelwork has been specified by an M & E contractor to assemble a COVID testing station at the Sheffield university. Framo was requested due to its quick assembly required for the tight project deadline.

Offsite construction and net zero

Why order SIKLA Framo modular steelwork from MIDFIX?

  • MIDFIX hold the UK’s largest stockist of Framo meaning we can provide a wide range of Framo product with quick lead times.
  • MIDFIX is the only supplier of Framo in Europe that has the design and engineering capability to run comprehensive load calculations and structural analysis.

It is clear that the ease of assembly, cost benefits, environmental factors, and the ability to meet ever-tighter project deadlines are the driving factors behind Framo modular steelwork’s popularity.





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