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Design Automation, dynaMX - May 29, 2024
The Evolution of Tested Channel Systems: How Automation Plays a Role

The landscape of construction and building safety has undergone significant transformations over the years, with channel systems playing a critical role in the development and integrity of modern infrastructure. The journey from untested channel systems to the sophisticated, tested channels of today, and the emerging future of automated design tools, reflects a broader evolution in building safety and compliance.

9 min read
Design Automation, dynaMX - May 22, 2024
The Essential Role of dynaMX®: How an Online Bracket Configurator Can Transform Your M&E Installations
9 min read
Design Automation, dynaMX - May 15, 2024
Introducing dynaMX®: Revolutionising Bracket Configuration for the M&E Industry
8 min read
Design automated trapeze brackets
Design Automation - July 1, 2022
Will design automation tools play a part in the future of M&E supports?
6 min read
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